Enabling a trouble free start in the UK for your business


Giving you an experienced & flexible business partner
without the cost of a full time employee


Providing the support you need
to help you focus on growing the business

Exemplar Company Solutions: let us take the strain
  • Are you a company looking to set up to the UK?

  • Would you rather focus on growing your business than worry about the complexities of setting up in a new country?

  • Could you do with some financial and operational expertise without appointing full-time employees?

Exemplar Company Solutions offer a personal, comprehensive service covering all elements of the set-up of business entities in the UK and subsequent flexible support for your ongoing business.

With over 60 years’ experience in financial, operational and management processes, our expert team take care of everything from beginning to end, directly managing every practicality. Freeing you up to concentrate on the smooth running and growth of your business.

Our flexible, bespoke approach means you can pick, choose and continually revise the services you require, safe in the knowledge that we have the experience, the contacts, and the ‘can-do’ attitude to see your business frameworks seamlessly established.

And even established companies sometimes need a helping hand. We offer flexible, part-time assistance with financial and operational management, giving you an experienced business partner without the cost of an employee.

We can help with:

  • New company operating infrastructure
  • Provision of part-time Financial Director
  • Provision of part-time Operational/Quality and Process professionals
  • Business Management information improvement
  • Business Planning and Analytics
  • Process Improvements
How We Can Help

Set Up


A trouble-free start in the UK:

For overseas companies looking to establish themselves in the UK, we provide a comprehensive expert service taking care of the entire process.

Financial Management


A flexible friend:

For small and medium sized businesses, an experienced Part-time Finance Director available to help manage your financial operations, without costing the earth.

Process Management


A smooth operator:

For businesses wanting to tighten their processes & operations without tightening their belts, an expert Operations/Process professional to guide you through.

Project Management


From start to finish:

For companies needing support on individual projects, a comprehensive service taking the strain on projects in full or part, whatever the size and scope.